Counseling and training that helps people experience joy and peace
through deeper, more meaningful relationships with God and others

Relationship Counseling

The Intimacy Therapy model provides a safe, supportive approach that addresses root issues, heals hurt, and displaces fear. We work to interrupt unhealthy relational patterns, facilitate corrective emotional experiences, and equip and empower couples to love one another well.

Grief and Trauma Therapy

Recent scientific studies that help us understand how the brain deals from traumatic experiences led to the development of therapies, such as EMDR, that free the brain to safely and successfully access and heal such painful memories. Our counselors incorporate these principles as we facilitate the healing of grief and trauma, diminishing the associated symptoms.

Spiritual Growth

Intimacy Therapy, developed by Dr. David Ferguson, is a biblically-based, clinically-sound counseling model. It presupposes that human beings need close, caring relationships with God and other human beings to experience life to the fullest. Our staff is trained to help people explore and apply spiritual principles to life experiences in constructive, non-judgmental ways.

Groups and Training

As a partner in the Great Commandment Network (GCN), we champion a continuum of care for hurting marriages, families, and individuals that includes professional counseling, local church-based enrichment groups, and weekend workshops. Our team is available to lead such training.

Bruce Walker


Gina Kincade Piland

MS, LPC Candidate

Joyce Walker

MA, Education

Strategic Partner

Resource and Training Ministry


  • Compassionate and effective counseling for relationships and life enrichment
  • A caring, safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment
  • Qualified, licenced, and experienced professionals – all native Oklahomans
  • A biblically-based and clinically-sound counseling model – Intimacy Therapy
  • An accelerated approach for helping relationships move from disconnect to intimacy
  • Intensive programs to accelerate the process of healing and growth
  • Relationship counselor training for churches and organizations

All RCO counselors are licensed by the State of Oklahoma or LPC Candidates providing
counseling services while working toward full licensure under guidance of a state-approved
supervisor who is fully licensed.

  • Bruce Walker holds a PhD in psychology and counseling from Southwestern Baptist
    Theological Seminary and is licensed in Oklahoma and Texas as a Professional Counselor
    and a Marriage and Family Therapist. He is an approved supervisor for LPC candidates in
    both states. He’s a clinical fellow of AAMFT – the American Association of Marriage and
    Family Therapists and a member of Christian Counselors of Texas. Bruce specializes in
    working with couples in crisis and those simply wanting more. He helps individuals heal the
    pain in their past and grow to experience abundant life.
  • Gina Kincade Piland is a Licensed Professional Counseling Candidate in Oklahoma working
    towards full licensure under the supervision of Bruce Walker. She holds a master’s degree
    in Mental Health Counseling. Gina provides counseling for relationships and helps
    individuals recover from past trauma using EMDR. She is also a local leader for Never
    Alone Widows (
  • Joyce Walker has a master’s degree in secondary education from Oklahoma State University and
    taught for fifteen years in public and Christian schools. Her responsibilities at Relational Care
    Oklahoma include scheduling our clients and other administrative support. Joyce leads
    workshops based on Intimacy Therapy principles for small groups of women. She also teams
    with Bruce to lead seminars and workshops on marriage, parenting, and single adult
    relationships. Bruce and Joyce have been married 45+ years and have son Andrew and
    daughter-in-law Lisa.

Cash, check, or major credit cards are accepted for payment which is due at the time services
are provided. Fees are:

  • Bruce Walker, PhD, LPC, LMFT – $150 per hour
  • Gina Kincade Piland, MS, LPC Candidate – $95 per hour

Relational Care Oklahoma is not contracted with any health insurance companies. Thus, we do
not file or submit claims for insurance coverage on behalf of our clients. RCO counselors are
considered “out of network” providers with regard to all insurance companies.

Depending on what your “out of network” coverage provides, your insurance company may
reimburse you to some degree for sessions you have paid for. We suggest you contact your
insurance company for more information on eligibility, coverage, and how to submit claims.
Relational Care Oklahoma cannot guarantee any coverage or reimbursement from your

RCO therapists work with adults of all ages and occasionally see children in the context of
family therapy. We are pleased to provide referrals to other licensed counselors in the area
who work specifically with children, adolescents, and teenagers.

We are not part of any particular religious organization or denomination. However, we are
able to relate to spiritual issues that clients may wish to address, particularly from Christian
and biblical perspectives.

Yes, we are pleased to work with people who do not identify as Christian or other faith. We
respect freedom of religion and do not attempt to impose our faith or belief system on others.

We encourage you to call Joyce Walker at (405) 882-5544, or email,
providing a phone number and/or an email address. One of us will contact you within 24
hours to see if we can set up your first appointment.

Our counselors are available to speak on a range of topics regarding relationships and mental
health. Periodically, we provide workshops called More Than Counseling to train other
professional counselors in the model we use, known as Intimacy Therapy, developed by Dr.
David L. Ferguson, Executive Director of Intimate Life Ministries, based in Austin, Texas. Bruce
and Joyce Walker were part of the staff of ILM and co-founded the Center for Relational Care
with Dr. Ferguson. We use a number of books and materials written and produced by him.
You can see these resources at or

We do offer extended sessions or “intensives” as part of an accelerated approach to therapy.
Dr. Walker helped develop this approach while in Austin serving as Executive Director of the
Center for Relational Care. This Accelerated Relational Care (ARC) Process provided options of
meeting with individuals or couples for two consecutive days (mini-intensive) to allow deeper
exploration of underlying issues along with healing and growth. An additional 3- or 4-day
experience (couples or singles intensives) provides a group modality that is very powerful.
Currently, Relational Care Oklahoma provides the mini-intensive program in Edmond.

Our normal schedule for appointments is between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through
Thursday. Weekends may be used to accommodate extended sessions such as mini-intensives
or for clients traveling from out-of-state. Just let us know if this is a need you have and we’ll
see if your need can be accommodated.

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